Fair Carbon is accepting applications for pilot projects to test our module content before release. We are looking for innovative and impactful projects demonstrating the many benefits of blue carbon ecosystems.


The Pilot Project Programme is an opportunity to work closely with the Fair Carbon team and gain valuable insights into developing successful blue carbon projects from start to finish. Pilot projects will have exclusive access to Fair Carbon content before publication and will work closely with the Fair Carbon team to improve and implement resources.


Successful applicants will benefit from Fair Carbon’s expertise to develop a long-lasting, high-quality blue carbon project that attracts potential investors and partners, and earns high-integrity carbon credits. In addition, the Fair Carbon team will conduct a yearly site visit to assess site conditions and provide insight into crucial project development considerations. The team will also provide remote support to the project, reviewing project documentation and providing feedback.


To be considered for the program, projects must meet the following criteria:

1. The project should be in the preliminary stages of project development (i.e., pre-feasibility stage, developing a feasibility study, or working on project documents prior to project implementation)

2. The project must contain a strong community engagement component that ensures the local community is involved and directly benefits from the project

3. The project must be operating in a country with a clear legal pathway to sell nature-based carbon offsets and restore amd conserve mangroves


Applications will be open until May 20th, 2023, and only the top three applicants will be accepted. Project owners and developers of all experience levels are encouraged to apply.

Submit the application form here. For more information or questions about pilot projects, contact the Fair Carbon Team at info@faircarbon.com.


Posted on: April 18, 2023