The Fair Carbon blue carbon project map allows easy discovery of publicly registered blue carbon projects across multiple voluntary carbon market registries. Projects may be viewed according to their stage in the validation process, accreditation details, and project area. Pre-registration and concept stage sites are omitted unless the project proponent specifically requests inclusion.

For more information on the accreditation process, read Fair Carbon's guide to carbon offsets.










Blue carbon projects in all relevant ecosystems are included; however, only mangrove projects have been successfully registered and/or accredited at this stage. The display of only mangrove projects is not a fault with the map data. As blue carbon projects in other ecosystems are added to public registries, they will appear as the map is updated. We manually scan the Plan Vivo, Verra, and Markit registries for any changes or updates. Project managers using other standards are able to register their sites for inclusion at the link below. If your project is registered and needs updating, please contact us at Last update: Jan 2022.


Note: Fair Carbon does not own or operate any of the projects featured in the Blue Carbon Project Map.