Carbon offsetting and trading is a confusing space which is constantly changing and evolving, especially when it comes to carbon credits produced by restoration or improved management of natural ecosystems. 

At Fair Carbon, we are regularly asked to explain different elements of how carbon markets work, from what a "carbon credit" is, through how they are produced and traded, and why some sell for higher prices than others.

This guide to understanding the process is based on the questions we are most frequently asked. It can be read in order, or the reader can skip ahead to sections which interest them most. We begin with an overview of carbon credits, introduce the carbon standards, then zoom in on blue carbon. Finally, we take a look at the challenges associated with mangrove carbon projects in particular. 

For NGOs or other organisations new to this space and interested in learning how to produce carbon credits themselves, we recommend reading this section in full before registering for our modular guides to accreditation. 


Introduction to Blue Carbon Offsetting


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Responsive image   Introduction to carbon credits

              • What is a carbon credit?
              • What are the carbon markets?
              • Are carbon markets regulated?


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Responsive image   Introduction to carbon standards

              • What is a carbon standard?
              • Why choose verified carbon credits?


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Responsive image  The Colours of Carbon

              • What are the different colours of carbon?
              • What are nature-based solutions?
              • What are co-benefits, and how do they affect credit value?


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Responsive image   Introduction to Blue Carbon

              • What is blue carbon?
              • What are the blue carbon ecosystems?
              • Which blue carbon ecosystems can produce carbon credits?


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Responsive image   Implementing Mangrove Carbon projects

              • The importance of taking a holistic view.
              • Additionality and technical requirements.
              • Key issues for project development.


Additional material


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Responsive image  NDCs and Article 6 Explained

              • What are Article 6 and NDCs?
              • How does this affect producing or buying carbon credits?
              • Which countries mention blue carbon in their NDCs?


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Responsive image  Introduction to Mangrove ecosystems

              • What are mangroves?
              • What ecosystem services do they provide?
              • State of the World's Mangroves Report.


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Responsive image  Map of existing Blue Carbon projects

              • How many Blue Carbon projects are there, and where?
              • Links to project websites and credit retailers.
              • View technical documents and registry entries.