The primary objective of the Fair Carbon programme is to help local projects take meaningful action to protect, restore and expand their natural resources, biodiversity and carbon stores.

The Fair Carbon programme consists of five modules to guide users through the planning and execution of projects. Module content is free and requires registration to access. Before registering, we recommend new visitors review our open access introductory content, in particular the module overviews and Introduction to Blue Carbon projects, accessible via the Resources Hub in the navigation bar. Guidance for Mangroves is currently in development and will undergo a review process before release. Registered users will be alerted by email as content is published. Guidance for Kelp, Seagrass, or Saltmarsh projects will begin development late 2022, depending on availability of data for each ecosystem. Interested users are welcome to sign up now and receive updates. Each module consists of three parts: 1. The tasks to be completed 2. How to complete the tasks 3. A checklist to document what has been done

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1. Pre-feasibility

2. Feasibility Study

3. Project Design & Project ID

4. Project Registration & Design

5. Validation & Verification

6. Monitoring & Project Close

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