There are not enough nature-based carbon projects despite the high demand from investors.  A study by the Gallifrey Foundation concludes this is due to the complexity, expense and time required to design, register and accredit a project. 

While the study was focussed on mangroves, which sequester up to five times more carbon than terrestrial species, the solutions identified can apply to most nature-based carbon projects and apply across four pillars; Legal, Management, Financial and Scientific.


The Fair Carbon project is a collaboration between leading conservation NGOs and other stakeholders to make it easier to design, register and validate carbon projects.

The primary objective of the Fair Carbon programme is to help local projects take meaningful action to protect, restore and expand their natural resources, biodiversity and carbon stores.

It is also a primary objective that these projects engage the local communities, respect gender and indigenous rights.

While there are several ways to finance Fair Carbon projects the highest priority should be to reduce carbon emissions to begin with and protect existing natural resources.


The current accreditation process for carbon projects is difficult. Many potential projects do not have the expertise to do this on their own.


·    Simplify the process of designing, registering, validating, and monetising nature-based carbon projects

·    Facilitate the needs of accreditation, validation, donors and investors

·    De-risk projects with independent monitoring start to finish

·   Scale the number of projects creating more benefit all around

FAIR CARBON PARTNERS – working in collaboration

IUCN      BLUE Marine Foundation  Blue Ventures

brainforest           CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL           Gallifrey Foundation   

Mission Blue.                    Mangrove Action Project                 Marine Conservation Institute            Plan Vivo

south pole              Sylvera             The Nature Conservancy   

The Ocean Foundation                        Wetlands International